East Coast Aquaculture (Pty) Ltd. Proudly produced ethically & sustainably in Kwazulu Natal, South Africta

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ECA Consulting & Design As a result of the research and development we have conducted and many years of mining and engineering experience across Africa of one of our key members of management, we have been able to build well informed Proprietary Expertize on the key critical aspects of how to successfully produce Tilapia Fingerlings and Fish. The On-Farm Trials conducted from 2013 to late 2015 also enabled ECA to determine the finer nuances of all the system components critical to the intensive production of fish. During this period all of the operating systems we have now employed were designed from best practice and manufactured in-house at ECA. The knowledge gained during our R&D Trials of how the various systems interact and the effect of these on the growth and development of the Fish under different conditions has been invaluable in us understanding what it takes to Farm successfully not only using RAS but in general. The investment in all of this R&D has been worth every Rand spent on it and has placed ECA in a position where ECA can confidently promote this method of Aquaculture and assist prospective Growers and Fish Farmers through a Consultancy based service. This is boosted by the fact that amongst its shareholder base, ECA has access to individuals with many years business experience from which to draw skills.